The Coast is Queer

Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021


Our beloved local shorts program returns! Don’t miss this wonderful collection of local queer filmmaking talent.

Join us for a special in-person screening of The Coast Is Queer with local filmmakers at The Beaumont Studios on August 19th at 7pm.

Content Advisory: Subject matter includes gender and body dysphoria, transphobia, and racism

Total runtime: 50 mins

Her Voice

Nic Peerson / Canada / 2020 / 7 mins / English

Her Voice is an intimate portrait of dysphoria and discovery for a young trans woman going through vocal training.


Zoë Friberg / Canada / 2020 / 5 mins / English

In Letter, Martha finds her imagination running away with scenarios as she gathers the courage to write down her feelings for her best friend.

The Tailor

Nathalie Therriault / Canada / 2020 / 16 mins / English

The Tailor is a touching tale of intergenerational allyship in which a gender non-conforming youth and a master tailor gain courage and inspiration from each other.


Morgan Strug / Canada / 2020 / 11 mins / English

Enby is the sweet and charming tale of a young non-binary person who has finally found the language to come out as who they truly are.

Small Town

Meesh QX / Canada / 2021 / 1 min / English

Small Town playfully explores a queer, mixed race person’s relationship to their identity and surroundings through delightful Claymation.


Sophie de Kergommeaux / Canada / 2020 / 5 mins / English

Purple is a personal and thoughtful exploration of bisexuality and feeling alienated within queer community.

Reveal Party

Marina Maeski / Canada / 2020 / 5 mins / English

In Reveal Party, Samantha plans to invite her new girlfriend over for the holidays—all she has to do is tell her parents.