Privacy Policy

Out On Screen, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Out In Schools value your privacy. We don’t share your information with anyone. Thank you for being part of the Out On Screen family.

The details

The Vancouver Out On Screen Film and Video Society (“Out On Screen”) is a membership-based organization. This means that we must collect personal information from those people who want to become members. We also collect personal information from friends of the organization, including newsletter subscribers, volunteers, Lottery/raffle participants, and others. Finally, as a registered charity, we are required by Canada Customs and Revenue Agency to collect personal information from donors.

We are committed to being accountable for our treatment of personal information and for the principles outlined in this policy, which was developed in compliance with British Columbia’s Personal Information Protection Act (PIPA). PIPA sets out rules for how organizations like ours can collect, use, and disclose your personal information.


“Personal Information” means information about an identifiable individual, such as someone’s name, home address, or date of birth.

What information do we collect? Out On Screen (OOS) collects personal information from members, friends of the organization and donors. This information may include, but is not limited to, your:

  • name;
  • home mailing address;
  • phone number[s];
  • e-mail address[es] & website URL(s);
  • connection to Out On Screen;
  • photos;
  • history of person’s contact and participation with organization;
  • networks associated with Out On Screen;
  • history of membership; and
  • donation history including payment information, if any.

Purpose of collection and use of personal information

We collect your personal information to contact you for a variety of purposes that may include, but are not limited to:

  • sending our newsletter and other informational mailings by mail or e-mail;
  • sending legally required notices and documents such as tax receipts and notices of annual general and special meetings;
  • advising you of upcoming events, volunteer and employment opportunities, and programs; and
  • soliciting donations or managing payment information.

Limits on collection, use and disclosure

Out On Screen only collects and uses personal information that is necessary to fulfill the purposes identified above. We will not collect, use or disclose personal information except for purposes identified above unless we have received further consent, and in compliance with PIPA.

Disclosure of personal information

If we retain another organization to perform work for us that involves personal information, we will ensure that there is an agreement in place that commits the other organization to adhere to our privacy policy.

We will not sell, rent, or share personal information to anyone outside Out On Screen unless we have received consent in accordance with PIPA.

How we obtain consent to collect, use and disclose personal information

We obtain consent to collect, use, or disclose your personal information, except where we are legally authorized or required by law to do so without consent.

Consent may be given orally, in writing, or electronically, and may be express or implied, depending on the nature and sensitivity of the personal information.

We consider you to have given implied consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information (as outlined above) when you:

  • become a member of Out On Screen;
  • subscribe to our newsletter via an online submission, e-mail, or a sign-up sheet at an event;
  • apply to volunteer or as an employee of Out On Screen;
  • donate to Out On Screen by telephone, mail, e-mail, online, or a sign-up sheet at an event;
  • participate in lotteries, raffles, or other fundraising efforts by Out On Screen; or
  • voluntarily provide us with information in a context when our purpose for collecting, using or disclosing the information would be obvious.

Where consent is not implied, we will inform you of our purpose for collecting personal information and give you an opportunity to refuse to give us your personal information, or a chance to withdraw your consent later.

In addition, you may withdraw your consent to our collection, use and disclosure of your personal information by giving us reasonable notice, except where doing so would frustrate performance of a legal obligation. If you tell us that you are withdrawing your consent, PIPA requires us to inform you of the likely consequences of that withdrawal (for example, we may be unable to provide you with services that require your personal information).

Retention of personal information

We will keep your personal information used to make a decision that directly affects you for at least one year after we make that decision.

Subject to the above one-year retention requirement, we will only retain personal information for as long as necessary to fulfill the purposes identified above, or as long as required for a legal or business purpose.

Security of personal information

Your personal information is stored in a secure password protected database in order to avoid risks such as unauthorized access, collection, use, disclosure, copying, modification, or disposal of personal information. Only authorized personnel have access to this information.

Documents regarding financial transactions, such as donations and purchases, are kept in secure storage for the minimum amount of time required through accounting principles and then are destroyed.

We use reasonably secure methods whenever we destroy personal information.

Accuracy of information

We are committed to ensuring that your personal information is recorded accurately. You may write to us to ask us to correct any errors or omissions in your personal information that is under our control. If you find inaccuracies or if your personal information changes, please contact us at 604-844-1615. You can also contact us by mail at 207 West Hastings Street, Suite 405, Vancouver BC, V6B 1H7.

If we are satisfied that your request for correction is reasonable, we will correct it as soon as we can. We will also, as soon as reasonably possible, send your corrected personal information to each organization it was disclosed to during the year before we corrected it. If we do not correct the information, we will note the requested correction on copies of the personal information under our custody or control.

Right of access to personal information under our control

You have the right to access to your personal information under our custody or control. Requests for access must be made in writing, and we may require you to prove your identity before giving you access to your personal information. We will give you the personal information under our control; information about the ways in which this information is or has been used; and the names of any individuals or organizations to which your personal information has been disclosed.

PIPA permits us to charge a minimal fee to provide you with access to your personal information. If a fee is required, we will give you a written fee estimate in advance. We may require payment of a deposit or the whole fee before releasing the requested information. We will provide requested personal information within 30 business days after it is requested, or will give written notice if we need more time to respond. In some cases, where required or authorized by PIPA, we may not give you access to certain personal information. If we refuse an access request, we will inform you in writing, state the reasons for our refusal and outline further steps that are available to you.


If you do not want to be contacted by Out On Screen, please advise us and we will make every effort to ensure that your request is honoured.

If you have any questions about Out On Screen’s privacy policy or about access to your personal information, or any concerns about the way your personal information is being used, please contact:

Out On Screen’s Executive Director
207 West Hastings Street, Suite 405
Vancouver BC, V6B 1H7

If you have concerns about our response, you may inform the Office of the Information and Privacy Commissioner for British Columbia of your concerns.

Created: November 2004 / Approved: November 2004
Revised: March 2016 Updates: Policy Subcommittee / Approval: Board of Directors