Hosting an Out In Schools Presentation

To help us provide the best possible Out In Schools experience for your community, we have outlined our responsibilities and what we are asking from you as we work together. These responsibilities help us:

  • bring your community the best experience possible;
  • meet the demand from school communities across BC, and;
  • honour the time, expertise, and needs of youth facilitators.

Host School or Organization Responsibilities

Share your presentation needs with us! In order to book a presentation, we need: dates and times for the presentation(s), approximate number of participants, audience (grades, school staff, etc.), access needs, any specific learning objectives or content you would like us to cover, and payment details (if applicable). Once we have all of this information from you, we will book your presentation(s).

Communicate promptly about any changes. If you need to make changes to our presentation schedule, audience, or content, please let us know as soon as possible so we can come up with an alternative. The more notice we get, the easier it is for us to make changes work. We may not be able to accommodate changes at busy times of the year, or with two weeks’ notice or less. Please review our approach to changes and cancellations for more details.

Confirm presentation details with us, no later than two weeks before the presentation. We will check in proactively three weeks before the presentation to confirm the details, and ensure everyone is prepared for a great experience.

Ensure the space and/or equipment needed for the presentation is available.  Digital presentations require Zoom access, speakers, and a microphone.

Presentations require at least one computer with Zoom downloaded, a screen big enough for everyone to see our team and films, and speakers that everyone can hear. Someone will also need to be at the computer to access films and relay participant questions.

Participants may also log on to Zoom from individual devices, equipped with a web browser to watch films, and speakers, a microphone, and/or headphones.

Honour facilitators’ knowledge, experience, and needs. Out In Schools facilitators are all part of queer, trans, and Two Spirit communities, and it is crucial that we honour their time, experience, and knowledge. Facilitators have knowledge of 2SLGBTQIA+ communities, as well as film, media, working with youth, and many other aspects of their living experiences and identities.

Suggestions for honouring our facilitators include: respecting their expertise and knowledge, providing us with relevant information about the audience and physical accessibility of your setting ahead of time, letting us know about any presentation changes as soon as possible, setting a positive example for participants, affirming facilitators when they are presenting, and supporting facilitators who may be managing challenging interactions with participants.

Out In Schools Responsibilities

Understand your community’s presentation needs. While we have standard presentations, we are able to tailor our content to your needs. Please let us know about any specific topics you are looking to explore, any recent incidents or concerns, and any access needs specific to your community. From this information, we will put together a facilitation team and presentation content to best meet your needs.

Provide information about the surveys we ask participants to complete. We like to hear from participants about how they experienced our presentation, and get a sense of if we are meeting our goals. We then group this information together, and share the information from everyone who participated in a given year with people and organizations who fund our work. We ask participants to complete a short, anonymous survey at the end of our presentations to help us meet these goals. We are responsible for sharing this information with you ahead of time, and getting any approval that may be required from your school or district.

Check in with you at least three (3) school weeks before the presentation to confirm. We will take into consideration planned school breaks when contacting you so that we all have enough time to confirm details.

  • We will provide a Zoom link.
  • We will provide any pre-presentation materials you have requested.

Lead scheduled presentations in your community! We will be ready for our presentations as scheduled, including providing facilitators, films to watch together, and our signature presentation content tailored to your local context

Communicate promptly about any changes. It is unlikely we will need to change or cancel an event with your community once it is booked. If changes are needed for any reason, we will let you know as soon as possible and offer alternatives, including rescheduling or a refund. Please review our approach to changes and cancellations for more details.

Invoice your organization, if applicable. We never turn away schools or youth organizations for lack of funds, so this may or may not be applicable to our relationship with you. Organizations that are able to pay for our presentations help us keep this commitment. Where applicable, we will provide an invoice by email ahead of the presentation.

Follow up after the presentation with additional resources, information, and opportunities as requested. We love staying connected to you after our presentations, whether by continuing to answer questions, booking more presentations, or making referrals to other services or organizations. We will follow up as needed from the presentation, and welcome your questions and inquiries anytime.

In exceptional cases where Out In Schools needs to make a change to the schedule, you will be notified as soon as possible and given the choice of rescheduling or receiving a refund. We will prioritize rescheduling any presentations changed as a result of our team’s needs. This is an extremely rare circumstance.