Meet Cute

Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021


Fleeting fantasies, chance connections, dashed expectations and surprising flirtations create a collage of queer meetings in this shorts program. One of the most courageous things we can do as queer people is to follow our deep desire to connect, and seek out love, recognition, and closeness. These films are a funny, honest, heartbreaking, and complex look at that longing.

Total runtime: 55 mins.

Content Advisory: Sexually explicit content.

The Ephemeral

Jorge Muriel / Spain / 2020 / 20 mins / Spanish

The Ephemeral finds two strangers meeting in a subway car; as fingers brush and eyes glance, a collage of past, present, and future
forms between them.

Silver and Gold

Jack Pulford / United Kingdom / 2021 / 10 mins / No dialogue

In Silver and Gold, a lonely performer, who spends her days as a living statue, waits and wishes for someone to notice her. One day another statue appears on her boardwalk, pulling her out of her shell.

The Binding of Itzik

Anika Benkov / USA / 2020 / 18 mins / English, Yiddish

An online search for bookbinding materials leads a shy Hasidic bookbinder to a BDSM Craigslist ad that pulls him into an emotional bond with a stranger on the internet in The Binding of Itzik.


Maria Forsythe / USA / 2020 / 5 mins / ASL, English

Real is a charming short-form webseries about a deaf queer woman on the search for genuine romantic connection as she navigates a world of complex communication.

Beat 97

Washington Calegari / Brasil / 2020 / 12 mins / Brasilian Portuguese

In Beat 97, Alvaro is on day ninety-seven of quarantine during the pandemic, lonely and horny. Is he imagining a flirtation between himself and his delivery man?

Gayme On

Giovanni Adams / USA / 2020 / 11 mins / English

Gayme On similarly finds Nathan looking for love online in lockdown, finding only older white men who want to play daddy to a younger Black man. But then a message from a fellow gamer sparks something in Nathan he didn’t expect.