Aug 11 to Aug 21, 2022


In 2016, Orlando’s Pulse nightclub was the site of a horrific hate crime that left the queer community in Florida devastated. This documentary tells the story of one of the survivors: Jeannette Feliciano, a queer single mother and competitive body builder whose journey towards healing creates a path forward for others.

This film is a very realistic portrait of survival. For Jeannette—for all of us—life keeps coming relentlessly and trauma multiplies, barely leaving space to process from one incident to the next. But the hope this film provides is in seeing Jeannette find a way to empower herself in the face of challenges she has no direct control over. She runs a boot camp for Pulse survivors and queer community, helping others exorcise trauma from their bodies, building strength, stamina, confidence, and connection. Jeannette’s care and attention to her body, her family, and her community grounds her in her own agency in a way that is truly inspiring.