Sedimentos (Sediments)

Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021

In the hills of León, Spain, six trans women embark upon a road trip together in this remarkable documentary that explores the paradoxical and human search for connection and belonging while on a quest for one’s own unique individuality.

Over the course of their holiday, the women unearth the many layers of experience that create the foundations of their identities. As they share their stories over meals and during walks through the wild Spanish countryside, Yolanda, Lena, Tina, Saya, Cristina and Alicia invite each other and the audience into a deepening intimacy. The wine flows and inhibitions loosen, and our protagonists open up to each other to reveal secret fears and pleasures. As they get to know each other better and connect, the women also find themselves bumping up against their differences. Class, race and generational divisions create tremors and cracks on the path of polite conversation, allowing space for trauma to breathe and honesty to be heard.

Director Adrián Silvestre sensitively documents this emotional excavation against a gorgeous landscape, quietly inviting us along so that it feels as though we are the seventh guest on this trip. Like a radiographical scan of the earth, the camera reveals the depth and complexity of each of these women and their relationships to each other. Sedimentos is both a truly unique and deeply familiar journey, and a truthful and tender portrait of six extraordinary women.