Youth Gala: Changing the Game

Aug 25, 2020
5 PM

High school trans athletes fight to cross the finish line on their own terms in this inspiring documentary that follows three young people as they advocate for their right to participate and excel in the sports they love. Sarah Rose Huckman is a competitive skier, activist and YouTuber living in New Hampshire. While she currently able to compete with girls, Sarah fears losing her right to race other young women on the ski slopes because of New Hampshire’s severe law requiring her to have a gender reassignment surgery in order to continue participating in the sport she loves. Connecticut sprinter Andraya Yearwood won her first state championship in 2017, and she continues to excel in her sport, encouraged by the steadfast support of her coach, her mother and her friends. Meanwhile in Texas, Mack Beggs is a highschool wrestling champion who has been trying to wrestle other boys, but has been forced by state regulations to compete with girls because of his assigned sex at birth. The stakes are high, with wins and championships providing monetary and scholarship opportunities, not just the pride of accomplishment, and Sarah, Andraya and Mack all carry the burden of representation as well. Changing the Game is an intimate look into the lives of three American families who have been thrust into a national conversation about gender and equity. Most importantly, this film never loses sight of the fact that these young advocates are still teenagers. Although they have been forced to step into leadership roles earlier than most of their peers, Sarah, Mack and Andraya are still kids who crave comfort, stability and the opportunities to explore and develop their ambitions and goals. They deserve what all children, especially trans children, deserve—a fair shot at becoming who they want to be. Followed by a pre-recorded Q&A with director Michael Barnett.