Alaska Is A Drag

Glamourous daydreamer Leo and his sardonic sister Tristen sashsay and vogue through their small Alaskan town, clinging to each other and their dreams of moving away to a bigger and brighter city. They are at odds with their closeted evangelical father, and share a frustrated heartache for their absentee mother (Nia Peeples from Pretty Little Liars). To save up for their big move, Leo works extra shifts at a cannery, slinging fish guts and dodging homophobic attacks from some of his co-workers. When the cannery boss notices Leo’s talent for getting into and out of fights, he offers to train Leo for an upcoming boxing match– but it’s on the same night that Leo will compete in a drag performance. Determined that he can both kick ass and be fabulous, Leo accepts and is surprised when flirty and troubled newcomer Declan (Matt Dallas) offers to be his sparring partner. As Leo prepares for the match and his drag stage debut, he’ll have to face his inner and outer conflict head on. Featuring a cameo by comedian Margaret Cho as the ornery owner of the local gay bar, come cheer for this tough and tender film with writer-director Shaz Bennett in attendance.

Alaska Is A Drag is preceded by the short film The Kweenz of Kelston, about group of fa’afafine, transgender and takat?pui students as they compete in an inter-school talent quest.

Director in attendance.