Deep Inside Clint Star

At the turn of the millennium, director Clint Alberta invited us into conversations from the hearts and minds of fellow young Indigenous Canadians around Toronto. Stylish and subversive, this documentary provides a look at Indigenous sexuality through identity with an anarchist approach to documentary filmmaking. Hugo is a punk rocker who doesn’t care what you think. Tawny has aspirations to attend university and “live happily ever after”. Harvey feels that his life has just begun after coming out. Michael’s got an iron fist grip on his cultural and sexual identity. Becky is ready to find love again, and Gerhard is here for the ride – letting life take him where it may. Watch as they explore issues of identity, sexuality, and intimacy with a director who was not about conforming to society’s demands. Premiering at the Sundance Film Festival in 2000 and going on to win the Gemini Award for Best Documentary Feature, Deep Inside Clint Star is an (extra)ordinary doc about life, sex, love, and truths despite 500 years of oppression.

Opening comments from filmmakers Justin Ducharme and Jade Baxter.