Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021


Grief is both one of our most feared and most inevitable emotions. The filmmakers in this program bravely explore this shared experience through their own uniquely queer eyes in this beautiful and moving collection. We have all felt degrees of loss this past year. Perhaps these films can provide reflection and solace; a chance not to turn away from the sadness, but to hold it close and give it space to transform into something else.

Total runtime: 70 mins

Content Advisory: Subject matter deals with death, illness, and transphobia.

Eleven Weeks

Anna Kuperberg & Julie Caskey / USA / 2020 / 15 mins / English

Eleven Weeks is an aching and tender portrait of a couple about to say goodbye; Carla accepts her fast-acting cancer diagnosis as her wife and photographer Anna documents their last days together in a deeply affecting love story.

Some Things Are Hard to Say

Benjamin Deboosere / Belgium / 2021 / 12 mins / German

Basti searches for his lost love Davide, caught between memory and present, navigating a world that is not set up for him to move freely in the melancholy yet hopeful short film Some Things Are Hard to Say.

Golden Frames in the Closet

Putri Sarah Amelia / Indonesia / 2019 / 16 mins / Indonesian

Golden Frames in the Closet is a sensitive story about respect for bodily autonomy even when our souls have departed, in which a mortuary cosmetologist faces a dilemma with her latest client.

The West Kerry Cowboy

Cian O Connor / Ireland / 2020 / 18 mins / English

On the anniversary of his mother’s death, Big Mac gathers his courage to share his deepest secret with his father Frank in The West Kerry Cowboy.

It Was the Dog Who Saved My Life

Adam Golub & Sylvaine Alfaro / USA / 2020 / 10 mins / English

In It Was The Dog That Saved My Life, visual artist Jonathan recreates and memorializes his time spent with his lover Kevin who died from AIDS, and his dog, Toby who was his companion in loss.