Queer History Project

Queer History Project

The Queer History Project (QHP) launched in 2007 and sought to collect and record the stories of queer, trans, and Two Spirit people to ensure our histories endure for the future. Over a five-year period, QHP collected stories through interviews, workshops, and a website where the public could post their personal experiences. The end goal was a collection of short films and public art pieces for exhibition in 2011, marking Vancouver’s 125th Anniversary and the hosting of the Out Games.

In all, nine short films were produced, and more than 14 local artists were engaged in film work and art exhibitions during the five year project.

Included films:

The Love that Won’t Shut Up | Ivan E. Coyote and Veda Hille | 2007

Rex vs. Singh | Ali Kazimi, John Greyson and Richard Fung | 2008

The Portside | Daphne Marlatt and Aerlyn Weissman | 2009

Riffs on the Theme of Activism | Debora O, David C. Jones, Gwen Haworth, Byron Chief Moon, Joe Average, and Jamie Griffiths; shorts anthology | 2010