Out in Visibility

Mar 31, 2022
6 PM


Out in Visibility is a online youth-led community space to celebrate trans, non-binary, Two Spirit, gender fluid, gender creative and diverse youth as part of Trans Day of Visibility. Led by trans youth facilitators from Out In Schools, this is a chance for youth to connect with peers and reimagine Pride symbols, and take in Anemone, a short film starring a non-binary teen!

All the gift cards have been claimed. Trans, non-binary, Two Spirit and gender creative youth can still register to attend all or part of this celebration!”

This space is for trans, non-binary, Two Spirit, gender fluid, gender creative and diverse youth age 13-25 years in British Columbia. 

Join us for some or all of this evening of celebration and visibility:

6PM – 630PM: Welcome & Check In

Get to know other folks who are joining for the event, and our Out In Schools facilitators!

630PM – 715PM: Pride Symbols: Past, Present & Future

We will take a look at Pride symbols past and present and share some examples. Using craft supplies purchased with your gift card or from where you are, make your own Pride symbol, whether recreating a classic option or imagining a new one!

7:15pm: (Short) Film Screening & Discussion, Anemone

Feel free to continue crafting through our short film, Anemone (2018)! Directed by Amrou Al-Kadhi, this 18 minute film follows Anemio, a second generation non-binary gender teenager. At home, school and church, they are failing the gender expectations of women in society. Their only respite is at the local marine live stock shop where they work after school. Here, Anemio feels at peace in an alternate world of marine life, comforted by the anemones and all the other hermaphroditic marine creatures.

Registration will be open until March 31 at 5pm.