Death Becomes Her Halloween Fundraiser

Oct 27, 2023
7 PM

1895 Venables St. (The Cultch, Historic Theatre)

Our Halloween fundraiser returns with a match made in heaven–or hell?–with a screening of the campy queer cult classic Death Becomes Her and drag performances by Batty Banks, Bibi Soupresh, and Tiffany Ann Co.!

*A small number of door tickets will be available!

Doors open at 6:30 PM.

Show starts at 7 PM, with drag performances taking place pre-screening and at intermission.

Total event runtime: 2hrs 30min

This event is 19+.


This is a fundraiser! Tickets are *free* with a suggested donation of $30 per person. 

All donations will support the Out In Schools program, the only program of its kind delivering life-affirming 2SLGBTQIA+ education to 9,000 youth per year across BC. We need your support now more than ever as the rise in transphobia and anti-SOGI sentiment gains traction nationwide.

Please give generously! You will be prompted to select or enter a donation amount when clicking “Get Tickets” at the top of this page.


Death Becomes Her (1992)

In this macabre comedy, Meryl Streep and Goldie Hawn star as Madeline and Helen, rival divas competing for the affections of an alcoholic ex-plastic surgeon (Bruce Willis) by taking a potion that promises eternal youth–and immortality. Their rivalry takes a turn for the un-dead as they realize the costs of living forever. With its slapstick violence, absurd special effects, and iconic comedic performances, this zany film lives up to its status as a queer cult classic.

Death Becomes Her is an elixir of life for its fans—one that not only spurs them to laugh at absurd vanity and suffocating heteronormativity, but gives them license to challenge those things. We can relate to Helen and Madeline’s rejection of tedious norms, and aspire to their determination to get what’s theirs. Death Becomes Her is a fantasy of defiance and power, beauty and eternal youth. And even if it ends as a nightmare for its anti-heroines, to its cult audience, they are eternally queens.” Kristy Puchko, Vanity Fair

Watch the trailer:

Content warning: Death Becomes Her contains blood, gore, mild violence, death, and nudity.

This film is also deeply fatphobic and includes a four-minute sequence where Goldie Hawn wears a fatsuit, is depicted in a grotesque fashion, is taken to a psychiatric facility, and is shamed by a doctor for not losing weight. As these scenes contain important plot points, we have not cut them from our screening. Instead, we will be providing a content warning ahead of the screening and show a countdown on screen to warn folks when it is coming up.

We do not condone fatphobia and believe we each need to work to dismantle it within our personal and public lives. By providing these warnings and the resources below, we hope to reduce harm to our audiences.

This film satirizes the beauty standards that women are held to, including youth and thinness, themes that also cross over to the queer community. Fatphobia remains pervasive in all areas of the queer community, and we love a teaching moment, so here are some resources you can use to begin dismantling fatphobia in our communities and in ourselves!

Instagram accounts to follow:


  • FAT TALK by Virginia Sole-Smith
  • Fearing The Black Body: The Racial Origins of Fat Phobia by Sabrina Strings
  • The Body Is Not An Apology by Sonya Renee Taylor 
  • Hunger by Roxane Gay 
  • What We Don’t Talk About When We Talk About Fat by Aubrey Gordon 
  • “You Just Need To Lose Weight” and 19 Other Myths About Fat People by Aubrey Gordon 


  • Maintenance Phase with Aubrey Gordan and Michael Hobbes
  • Weight for it with Ronald Young Jr
  • Burnt Toast with Virginia Sole-Smith
  • Fatten with Layla Cameron
Note on Halloween Costumes

Costumes are very much encouraged! 

However, we ask that you not wear costumes that portray a stereotyped, offensive, or appropriative image of a culture or group. This includes but is not limited to ceremonial regalia, hairstyles of cultures you do not belong to (dreadlocks, afros, etc.), and damaging or mocking depictions of people with disabilities or illnesses.

We believe in your unlimited creativity and want to host spaces where everyone feels as safe and supported as possible. If you’re unsure whether your costume is appropriate, please contact us at, and we’d be happy to provide some guidance.

We reserve the right to deny entry to anyone who violates these guidelines.

Event Accessibility
  • The film will be screened with open captions.
  • Live speaking portions will accompany live ASL interpretation and be auto-captioned on screen.
  • Drag performances will be accompanied by live ASL interpretation.
  • Hearing assist devices are available from the Box Office with the exchange of photo ID.
Venue Accessibility

For detailed accessibility information and specifications of The Cultch: Historic Theatre, please visit

  • Paved entranceway leading to the Box Office and main entrance door.
  • Wheelchair-accessible (automatic) entrance door (door swings outwards).
  • 5 ft. wide+ accessible corridor through the venue from the accessible entrance to the washroom.
  • All washroom facilities are located on the ground floor and are for use by people of all genders.
  • The main washroom area includes two wheelchair-accessible stalls, and there is also a separate accessible washroom around the corner.
  • Designated wheelchair spots in the front row.
  • Limited number of big and tall seats available to accommodate larger and taller body types. The dimensions are 23.5 inches x 31.25 inches and can accommodate up to 453 kg.
  • The balcony of the Historic can only be accessed by stairs. Depending on the seat, there are a minimum of 15 steps and a maximum of 26.

Poster illustration by Zion Greene-Bull (IG @ziencefictionart).