Shorts: Talkin’ Bout a Revolution

How do marginalized queer bodies live through institutional violence and conservative, patriarchal systems? These powerful shorts explore how queer, trans, and nonbinary individuals reclaim their bodies, resist oppression, and redefine power.

Content warning: Nudity, flashing lights, substance use.

Total runtime: 90 minutes


Daniel Mateo Vallejo / Colombia, Netherlands / 2022 / 18 min / Spanish with English subtitles

Within the crisp white walls of the gallery where they work, Keisi is transfixed and transported by a photo series that speaks to their desire to escape into nature.

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How To Carry Water

Sasha Wortzel / United States / 2023 / 15 min / English with captions

Shoog McDaniel’s photographs of fat queer subjects have altered how our community sees themselves. This iridescent fairytale finds itself in one of America’s most hostile states for queer and trans people.

Content warning: Nudity, flashing lights.

Bittersweet Power (Possa Poder)

Victor Di Marco, Márcio Picoli / Brazil / 2022 / 19 min / Portuguese with English subtitles

In a colloquial rumination on memory and place, three friends remember what it is to be queer and reaffirm their conviction to stay true to who they are.

Content warning: Nudity, substance use.

The Script

Brit Fryer, Noah Schamus / United States / 2022 / 16 min / English with captions

Blending personal interviews with dramatized reenactments, The Script explores the complicated relationship between trans and nonbinary communities and medical providers regarding gender-affirming care.

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São Paulo Open Wound

Elizabeth Rocha Salgado / Netherlands, Brazil / 2022 / 18 min / Portuguese with English subtitles

Underground queer artists make art, create spaces of togetherness, and share their urgent resistance.

Content warning: Nudity.