Punk as Flick: Queer Punk Retrospective shorts program

This collection of short films and archival video provides a snapsot of Vancouver’s queer punk scene at the turn of the millenium. Queer Punk Collective/Faggo/Skinjobs co-founder Kim Kinakin and Skank/Cruising/Oddball co-founder Michael V. Smith draw from the archives of live performances, combined with indie film and video. If you want history to include your stories, you’ve got to document, document, document. This program is a testament to that: queers making art, building community and pushing the envelope. If you were partying in 1999 with other freaks, geeks & weirdos, this might be a walk down memory lane. If you weren’t there, this is a great taste-test of living Westcoast alterna-queer history. This program is curated by Kim Kinakin and Michael V Smith.

Panel and Q&A: Looking Back on the Impact of Vancouver’s Alterna-Queer Scenes with guest speakers Jonah Groeneboer, Kim Kinakin, Lisa G, Amber Dawn and Trish Kelly.

Please note that viewing is limited to BC only.

Three Things My Mother Never Told Me

Lisa G / Canada / 2001 / 6 min

My Anus Hates the Discursive Acts That It Tends to Associate with Hegemonic Forms of Its Cultural Analysis

Jonah Groeneboer & Wozzle Tretiak live at Kweir Kore / Canada / 1999 / 3 min

Helpless Maiden Makes an I Statement

Thirza Cuthand / Canada / 1999 / 6 min

Sheer Terror

Kim Kinakin / Canada / 2000 / 4 min

The Man from Venus

James Diamond / Canada / 1999 / 4 min

Let’s Play Angels

Morgan Brayton & Robert-John Farrow / Canada / 2003 / 3 min

Fag At The Punk Bar

Rufus Poser live at Kweir Kore / Canada / 1999 / 4 min

What’s My Mother Fucking Name

Amber Dawn / Canada / 2007 / 4 min

Piss For Chris

Frederick Cummings / Canada / 2000 / 4 min


Michael V. Smith / Canada / 2004 / 3 min

The Obviously True Sex Life of a Single Girl

Trish Kelly live at Kweir Kore / Canada / 1999 / 3 min


Lisa G / Canada / 2006 / 5 min