Special Presentation: Long Time Comin’

Black Queer Feminism is a revolutionary act. In Long Time Comin’, poet/filmmaker Dionne Brand charts the work of two Black queer Canadian artists: folk/jazz singer-songwriter Faith Nolan and multimedia visual artist Grace Channer. Using a combination of interviews and vérité footage of the women at work, Brand showcases their projects, as well as their thoughts on art, race and sexuality. Long Time Comin’ explores the nuances of the Black Queer femme experience as they navigate occupying privileged spaces, highlighting the significance of Black womxn in queer advocacy. The film uplifts and protects the voices of Black femmes, and speaks to Studio D’s mandate to address the stories, lives and art of women who have been historically and structurally marginalized.

Followed by Still Here: Black Femme Resillience

Black Femmes have always been the foundation of Queer advocacy and culture. Almost 30 years later, many of the sentiments shared in Dionne Brand’s Long Time Comin’ are just as relevant. Brand’s film is a powerful and candid display of Black Queer resistance & celebration. It shapes and uplifts the narratives of underrepresented communities, and gives audiences an opportunity to reflect on the social inequities and under-appreciated realities of Black femmes in LGBTQ spaces. Our art is our politics. In an effort to marry the connection, empathy and understanding that we experience on screen to our day to day learning and work, VQFF presents Still Here: Black Femme Resillience. Five self identifying Black femmes gather to share open dialogue about the current position of Black Femmes in advocacy work, and their thoughts on progressing the conversation.

This program is curated by Festival Programming Coordinator, Nya Lewis.

Please note that viewing is limited to BC only.