Germino Pétalas no Asfalto (Blooming on the Asphalt)

Aug 11 to Aug 21, 2022


Blooming on the Asphalt and preceding shorts Nidhal and Prayers for Sweet Waters lift the curtain on state and societal queer violence. These films from Tunisia, South Africa, and Brazil explore the vivid realities of the illegalization of queer bodies and the devasting impact of discriminatory legislation. Where refuge and asylum is a fact of life for many LGBTQIA people worldwide, queer and trans communities living and loving through intolerant regimes embody the kinds of compassion, solidarity, and resistance that flourish amid adversity. These vibrant stories intimately capture journeys of hope and resilience.

Nidhal نضال

Bassem Ben Brahim / Tunisia and Netherlands / 2022 / 11 min / Arabic with English subtitles

Prayers for Sweet Waters

Elijah Ndoumbe / South Africa / 2021 / 16 min / English