Extra Terrestres (Extra Terrestrials)

What happens when Teresa, an astrophysicist, and Daniela, an astronomer, fall in love? They align their wedding day with the first intergalactic supernova to be seen by the human eye. This romantic plan has only one setback—Teresa wants to come out to her family first. Upon returning to Puerto Rico to announce her engagement, she is quickly swept up in a crisis as the family’s poultry farm is being threatened by local corruption and unjust laws from the USDA. The struggle to save the farm brings the family together in ways that make Teresa soon realize that she’s not the only one with a secret to reveal. This impressive debut from filmmaker Carla Cavina is at once a lesbian love story, a family drama, and an ode to the magic of the vast and unknowable cosmos.

Extra Terrestres won the Audience Choice award at the Puerto Rico Queer Film Festival.