21 August 2022
7 PM

Vancouver Playhouse

Graduating class of 1994. Escondido, California. Theatre kids.

Jonathan Wysocki’s debut feature film is a coming-of-age story for every theatre nerd out there. As this group of religious friends prepare to part ways, they have one final night together, a murder mystery slumber party! We follow Gene as he anxiously navigates telling his friends that he is gay and agnostic. As the night rages on, cracks in relationships are revealed and tensions deepen between these youthful and theatrical friends.

Wysocki has perfectly captured the bittersweet essence of youth on the cusp of uncertain young adulthood. Dramarama is a fun filled festival curtain close that oozes bold ‘tude and reminds us to always walk to the beat of our own drums. A blast from the past, this instant classic will make you want to drive to your childhood best friend’s house and pull out the VHS and popcorn.