Don’t Keep Your Distance shorts program

This collection of shorts pushes into and pulls against the spaces between lovers who crave and fear intimacy. Touch is the story of a young blind man who struggles to find human connection through dating apps, fearing that honesty would mean rejection. Things That Happen in the Bathroom is a window into the the world of a young gay man desperate for love and tenderness, projecting his desires onto an emotionally distant lover. In L’homme Jetee, a young dock worker languishes in his home port, lulled into boredom by the monotony of the ships pulling in and out of the harbour, until his pace is interrupted by a handsome sailor who inspires him to change his numb existence. In the distance between us and the sky, two strangers meet at a highway gas station and engage in a lively flirtation. A couple in an open relationship have their holiday slumber shattered by the unexpected arrival of a secondary partner, who is drunk and on an ill-conceived mission to establish her romantic dominance in Main Squeeze. Thrive follows what starts as a casual hook up as it turns into an opportunity for two men to connect more deeply over a shared experience. All these shorts explore the ache of desire, the playfulness of flirtation, the catharsis of touch, the deep validation of connection and the heartbreak of rejection with honesty and humour.


Please note that viewing is limited to BC only.


Song Huang / China / 2019 / 12 min / Chinese

Things That happen in the Bathroom

Edward Hancox / USA / 2019 / 13 min / English

L’homme Jetee

Loic Hobi / Switzerland / 2019 / 20 min / French with English Subtitles

the distance between us and the sky | | | | |

Vasilis Kekatos / France, Greece / 2020 / 9 min / Greek with English Subtitles

Main Squeeze

Brendan Prost / Canada / 2019 / 17 min / English


Jamie Di Spirito / United Kingdom / 2019 / 17 min / English