Out In Schools & Troublemakers 7.0

Aug 13, 2023
12:30 PM

International Village - Theatre 9

Available Online
Aug 14 - 17
12:30 PM - 12:30 PM


The intergenerational film project Troublemakers returns to the big screen for the seventh year! Reel Youth, Out On Screen, and LOVE Intersections present five new films by youth filmmakers documenting the lives of local lesbian, gay, queer, trans, and nonbinary community members who inspire us through art and advocacy.

The screening will be preceded by an Out In Schools presentation and followed by a Q&A with the youth filmmakers and “Troublemaker” film subjects.

ASL interpretation will be provided during the live speaking portions of this program, including the announcements, Out In Schools presentation, and post-screening Q&A.

This film has been rated G and PG by BC Consumer Protection with an advisory for nudity and coarse language.

Please note: Only the Troublemakers 7.0 films will be available online, not the Out In Schools presentation or Q&A.

Out In Schools: Beyond Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI)

The award-winning Out In Schools program harnesses the power of film to open hearts and change minds in schools across BC. Experience an abridged version of our Beyond Sexual Orientation and Gender Identity (SOGI) presentation, which explores the importance and impact of positive 2SLGBTQIA+ representation and showcases two new films in the Out In Schools film catalogue! Beyond SOGI will precede our classic Troublemakers program.

Becoming Queer Joy

Ronnie Cheng, Leo Litke / Canada / 2023

“I think that the only thing I wish I knew then, was that life was going to be extremely challenging and that it was okay…If you’re going to stick around on Earth, just make me this one promise: make sure you have a freaking good time.”

Tien Neo Eamas is the first Asian trans man to publicly come out in the Vancouver (then) gay and lesbian community of 2001. In this profound and inspiring film, Tien shares his story as a pioneer, racialized trans man immigrant, and his journey to discovering his true purpose in life—cultivating and becoming joy.

Incredibly Hyper, Goofy, Sad, and Angry

Margit Gomes Neto, Vivian Li / Canada / 2023

“That energy of just, keep laughing, keep dancing, even when the world is on fire—that has kept me through life.”

Ezi Baker is a black biracial, trans, and disabled artist who is radically themself. In this joyous and vibrant film, Ezi weaves through their ancestry, artistry, and spirituality and how these core threads have inspired who they have become today.

Wildthing and Her Daughter

Adriana Cumming-Teicher / Canada / 2023

“I remember that I told her [my daughter], I am really proud of you. That you’re brave enough, that you’re strong enough to live your truth, be who you are and embrace who you are fully…And she [says to me], ‘You know it’s not too late for you to do that too, right?’.”

Multi-hyphenate artist and published author, Apis Teicher shares her fascinating journey in embracing her sexuality, through her explorations in art and encouragement from her daughter.

Owning the Future

Dev Petrovic, Roki Jiang / Canada / 2023

“I have the privilege of feeling like I have efficacy, and that I can change the world for the better.”

Columbine Demers shares their journey in queerness through their insights on and belonging to the Radical Faerie Community, their beginnings in activism, and their hopes for the queer individuals and communities to come.

Can't Keep Quiet

Naomi Leung, Naomi (Mimi) Giorgis / Canada / 2023

“Community means everything to me. It really is, for me, the creation of family. Without a space that’s safe and where you feel wanted, you can’t really develop as a person…So we need to be compassionate to ourselves and others because that’s how we are going to survive as individuals.”

Long-time advocate of queer rights, Heidi McDonell shares her story of discovering her queerness, living life on her own terms, and finding her place in the world.