Shorts: Inner Riots

Aug 13, 2023
2 PM

International Village - Theatre 8

Available Online
Aug 14 - 17
2 PM - 2 PM


Starting over can begin when you ask yourself, “Whose life is it anyway?”. Get up close and personal with characters at a crossroads of identity, and prepare to be inspired toward self-discovery.

Content warning: Homophobia.

The screening will be followed by a Q&A with the artists.

ASL interpretation will be provided during the Q&A, and live captioning on screen will be used during the pre-screening announcements.

Total event runtime: 88 min

This film has been rated G, PG by BC Consumer Protection with an advisory for coarse language and sexual content.

Twin Sparks

Ollie Yao, Heather Yun / United States / 2023 / 4 min / English with captions

When a forest child’s inner fire spirit breaks loose, they frantically try to catch it before damage is done. Inspired by co-director Ollie Yao’s experience growing up trans, this is a beautiful tale of radical self-acceptance.

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Malik Ever / United States / 2022 / 15 min / English and Spanish with English subtitles

Ursula doesn’t fit in at the country club where her dad works. Trans masc Chef Cormac doesn’t either. Together they hatch a plan to win the kids’ golf tournament.

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Butch Up!

Yu-jin Lee / South Korea / 2022 / 12 min / Korean with English subtitles

Underappreciated by her straight indie band, Mi-hae finds community after meeting trans artist Coco (Hae-jun Choi).

The Spirit God Gave Us

Michael Donte Jemison / United States / 2021 / 20 min / English with captions

Sitt ing at the intersections of love and faith, Blackness and Queerness, Malcolm and Shamont wrestle with shame, religious piety, and deep longing.

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Foreign Uncle

Sining Xiang / China, United States / 2021 / 20 min / Chinese and English with English subtitles

Featuring re-enactments from his own family, director Sining Xiang relives the experience of introducing his white American boyfriend to his Chinese family, who are oblivious to their gay relationship.

Content warning: Homophobia.

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