Lie With Me (Arrête avec tes mensonges)

Aug 11, 2023
7 PM

International Village - Theatre 9

Available Online
Aug 12 - 15
7 PM - 7 PM


When best-selling novelist Stéphane Belcourt is invited to be a brand ambassador for a renowned cognac label established in his hometown, he faces the reality of returning to a world he had left many years ago. Dormant memories are woken, and Stéphane is overcome with a tidal wave of emotions when he meets Lucas, the son of his first love Thomas, who he last saw when they were just 17 years old.

Anchored by a beautifully layered performance from Guillaume de Tonquédec as Stéphane, Olivier Peyon’s deeply affecting adaptation of Philippe Besson’s award-winning autobiographical novel is every bit as intimate and poignant as its source material deserves. Seamlessly traversing between the warm nostalgia of 1984 and the cooler realities of the present day, this captivating drama feels epic in its decade-spanning scope yet disarmingly intimate in its central themes of first love and enduring heartache.

Content Warning: Explicit sexual content.

This film has been rated 18A by BC Consumer Protection with an advisory for sexually suggestive scene involving minors.

Due to unforeseen circumstances, only English subtitles during the French dialogue are available for this film. While the majority of the film is spoken in French, there are a handful of instances where English is spoken, and no captions are available. We apologize for the lack of access this causes.