At Out On Screen, we use art to make the world into a place that is safer and more welcoming for 2SLGBTQIA+ people.

Join us by donating to Out On Screen today.

Like many queer Canadians, we are watching the attacks on queer youth education in the US with increasing anxiety. 

Do you remember what school was like for queer people before programs like Out In Schools existed to combat homophobic and transphobic bullying? Do you remember the media landscape before programming like the Vancouver Queer Film Festival was available?

We are not going backwards. At Out On Screen, we use art to make the world into a place that is safer and more welcoming for 2SLGBTQIA+ people.

Join us by donating to Out On Screen today. Help us ensure that what is happening in states across the US right now does not happen here. 


youth and educators received an Out In Schools presentation in 2021 across 28 school districts. Bringing queer film, discussion, and celebration of 2SLGBTQIA+ lives into classrooms is more important than ever in a time of isolation and division.


of educators reported they would bring Out In Schools back for a return presentation in the future. We are empowering educators to create welcoming and inclusive classrooms for 2SLGBTQIA+ youth.


increase in the number of youth who report feeling confident stepping in to address homophobic or transphobic bullying following an Out In Schools presentation. We are sparking positive change for the next generation.

Together, we can build brighter, more inclusive communities – today. By making a donation to Out On Screen, you will be supporting the work of both the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Out In Schools. Your gift will have a transformative impact in the community and provide resources to curate innovative film programs, convene critical discussions, and catalyze social change for 2SLGBTQIA+ people. You can change lives. With your support, we can:

  • showcase the best in independent queer film from around the world
  • provide a crucial platform for marginalized voices
  • transform schools and the education system
  • give young people the opportunity to bring their stories to the big screen
  • create safer spaces for queer communities to connect, share, and celebrate

Gifts of securities including stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can make a positive impact in your community without a negative impact on your cash needs. Speak with your financial adviser to see if this kind of gift is right for you. Donations of securities to Out On Screen are handled through our account with

When you transfer stocks through CanadaHelps, they will sell the stocks and issue a tax receipt to you for the full value of your gift. The funds will then be issued to Out On Screen’s charity account. We will be notified of your gift so that we may thank you personally.

What better way to support your community than by throwing a party? Fundraising events can be a great way to bring folks together in support of Out On Screen and our programs – and we can help! Contact us to talk through your event and we’ll help you to pick the best way to make an impact.

You can transform queer, trans, and Two Spirit communities long into the future. You may think of Out On Screen as a charity child, or as part of your chosen family when deciding how best to create your legacy.

Consult with your financial advisor and other beneficiaries to see if this option is a fit for the legacy you want to leave.

When remembering Out On Screen in your will, please include our full name and Charitable Registration Number (CRN): The Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society CRN: 89074 3792 RR0001


People make our work possible. From welcoming guests to the VQFF, to building community at the Board level, to working in the office behind the scenes, volunteers use their passion and expertise to drive 2SLGBTQIA+ communities forward.


Connect with 2SLGBTQIA+ communities like never before. Help us create safer spaces for queer, trans, and Two Spirit people to be seen and heard. Make a meaningful difference in your communities today!