Black to the Future: An Ode to Black Queer Imagination and Beyond

There are Black Queer people in the future. Black filmmakers graciously insert imagery that allows us to dream past our present circumstances. The power of Black imagination to transform our ordinaries into boundless visions of freedom, writing speculative fictions of the world saves and inspires us all. Black invention through film allows viewers to wonder and envision other ways of being

From time travel to daydreaming, Black To The Future is an ode to Black filmmakers daring to write us into an Afrofuturist existence, serving unbridled joy, humor, love, magic, and escapism. Through their work, filmmakers reshape our sense of what can be, sharing the radical capacity of Black thought and contributing to our collective superpowers. To Black futures in film and Beyond!

Post-Program Q&A: Interview with director Kyisha Williams on Black Futurism and imagination. The Q& A will be a pre-recorded panel available on Cinesend with purchase of a ticket through Elevent.

Included films:

Paladin | Lu Asfaha | Canada | 2019 | 6:15 | English

Queen of Hearts | Kyisha Williams and Lindsey Addawoo | Canada | 2018 | 15:31 | English

Super Zee | Nathalie Younglai | Canada | 2020 | 7:08 | English

2 Dollars | Robin Cloud | USA | 2019 | 14:43 | English