Crying together: a story from the VQFF

August 18, 2021

Do you remember the first time you saw yourself—really saw yourself—on screen? 

We all know how powerful, affirming, and moving it feels to be understood and celebrated by those closest to us, as well as by the wider communities that we are a part of. To see a piece of yourself in art and film is to know that you are not alone. As this #VQFF2021 attendee wrote to us of their experience watching Homecomings, a shorts program on transmasculinity:

I’m watching the first video of Homecomings and I started crying right before they say “I’m gonna cry.” Now we crying together. I feel so exposed and seen at the same time. What do you know? There’s someone out there that understands. Genius to call the season “Longing” and the content makes you feel less alone.

This is what I love most about queer film festivals: every time my heart gets broken up and put back together and I stand taller. I’m more excited and brave to be who I am. I let my imagination and desires run wild.

Because they make me feel like I belong. In infinite ways.

2021 VQFF Attendee

As a queer film festival, we work hard to listen to our community, and to answer your calls for new stories and honest representations, such as those showcased in Homecomings. By curating local, emerging, and independent filmmakers and films that mainstream media continues to overlook, we provide opportunities to support artists, stories, and belonging in our communities. We hope that when you tune in this year—and hopefully every year—that you to feel seen and are able to deepen your connection to those around you. 

To support this work, please join this year’s Festival Campaign by making a donation today. To date we have raised $15,231.77. Help us reach our goal of $35,000.00 by August 22nd!

As you continue to enjoy #VQFF2021 virtually at home, know that we are all “crying together.”