Slow Dance with CampOut! Youth Shorts Program

This sweet collection of spotlights the strength and creativity of queer youth as they move through transformative and pivotal moments in their lives. A middle school boy struggles to find his courage to approach his crush in Slow Dance, but finds courage from his friends. Egghead and Twinkie are best friends, but their closeness is complicated by the fact that Egghead is in love with Twinkie, who couldn’t be less interested in him — she just wants him to help her come out to her parents, with awkward results. In XY, fifteen year old Lisa feels different from the other girls in her small Icelandic town, hiding a secret about her body and pressured by her mother to fulfill her feminine expectations. When she reconnects with her childhood best friend Bryndis, she becomes emboldened to confront her mother about her medical history, and advocate for herself. In O Orphao, orphaned Jonathas dreams of the day when he will be adopted into his forever family, and hopes his dreams have come true when a young couple takes him into their home– but will they truly be able to accept him as he is? In B-Side, seventeen year old Mal, who has recently lost her father, is challenged to face her longtime fear of getting back ontoher skateboard when she’s invited into a group of other young women skateboarders. These bright young protagonists shine as they face their fears with strength and determination.


Slow Dance

Christian Zetterberg / Sweden / 2018 / 6 min / Swedish with English Subtitles

Egghead and Twinkie

Sarah Holland / USA / 2019 / 9 min / English


Anna Karín Lárusdóttir / Iceland / 2019 / 15 min / Icelandic with English Subtitles


Alayna Silverberg / Canada / 2019 / 13 min / English

O Orphao

Carolina Markowicz / Brazil / 2018 / 15 min / Portuguese with English Subtitles