Rites of Passage

Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021


Queer and trans youth approach defining moments in their lives with determination, curiosity and courage in this heartwarming collection of short films. The brilliant young people in these films carve out their own paths to discovery and self-actualization, and more importantly, we see them getting the love, support  and shine they deserve.

Total runtime: 104 mins

Pine Mountain Overnight

Geena Marie Hernandez / USA / 2020 / 14 mins / English

On an eighth grade field trip into the mountains, Xo tries her best to navigate the unfamiliar landscape of puberty, but it turns out hormones aren’t the only things raging out there in the wilderness in Pine Mountain Overnight.


Alexandra Geller / USA / 2020 / 12 mins / English

Cuttlefish follows a young tomboy as they find their way through the spaces that exists between binaries and discover their own expression of play and beauty.

I am Leo

Tanja Hurrle / Germany / 2021 / 18 mins / German

In I am Leo, our young protagonist revels in the freedom of outdoor adventures on their grandmother’s farm with their big sister and cousin; but when an unexpected change enters Leo’s life, it becomes a chance for Leo to begin to define who they are.

Before the Eruption

Robero Pérez Toledo / Spain / 2020 / 9 mins / Spanish

Before the Eruption is a love letter to the transformative power of friendship and tender masculinity, as one member of a long time group of friends takes a step towards true self-expression.


Natalie Jasmine Harris / USA / 2020 / 13 mins / English

In Pure, Celeste, a young queer Black girl, is preparing for her cotillion ball and wonders if she can make this tradition work for her as she steps into the spotlight for her first dance.

Birthday Boy

Judith Corro / Panama / 2020 / 7 mins / Spanish

In Birthday Boy, César takes a risk to attend his next birthday party as himself as a young trans man.

From A to Q

Emmalie El Fadli / United Kingdom / 2021 / 19 mins / English

From A to Q take us on a journey with Alex, who wakes up shocked from a dream in which she kisses a girl- and the girl happens to be her best friend Kayla.

At Last

Lorena Gordon / USA / 2020 / 13 mins / English

Prom night nerves take centre-stage in At Last, as Sam and her bff Flash hatch a scheme to do prom their own way, with unexpected results.