Mom and M

Aug 11 to Aug 21, 2022


Nikki and Elise have known and loved each other since they were teens being raised in a strict Christian, conservative environment. After getting married, they decide to adopt a child, Sansa. Parenting roles and responsibilities allow Nikki to finally come out as trans; “I was trying so hard to be a dad, and I was miserable,” she tells us. We follow Nikki and Elise as they explore and expand their gender roles beyond the family structures they grew up in.

There are many road bumps in the lives of this sweet and optimistic family. Nikki’s transition is a direct challenge to the values of their families of origin, Elise fills the role of primary financial caregiver, and Sansa battles a leukemia diagnosis. Director Jena Burchick lovingly and collaboratively facilitates conversations about gender, parenting, work/ life balance, and navigating the healthcare and education systems. Mom and M is a tender and touching portrait of queer family, and is sure to warm your heart.