12 August to 22 August 2021


Transmasculinity is woefully underrepresented on screen, and like many of us, transmasculine folks in film don’t often get happy endings. In this shorts program, we see transmasculine representation both behind and in front of the camera, expressing creativity, growth, joy and reveling in bodily autonomy. This program is only a glimpse of the beauty and diversity of what transmasculinity can look like in cinema and a celebration of the transcendent joy of coming home into yourself.

Total runtime: 66 mins

Content advisory: Sexually explicit content.

Mes Chéris

Ethan Folk, Ty Wardwell, Jamal Phoenix / Germany / 2020 / 12 mins / English

Jamal Phonenix bids a playful and tender farewell to his breasts a month prior to his mastectomy in Mes Chéris. Part documentary, part pornography, this sexy film is an act of self-love we rarely get to see in mainstream or pornographic trans representation.

Another Shot

Arlen Kerndt / USA / 2021 / 20 mins / English

In Another Shot, Logan is finding dating frustrating, wishing he could connect with someone more deeply. When his ex-girlfriend Mara comes back into town and reaches out, the two begin to have the difficult and truthful conversations they couldn’t have when the relationship ended, creating an opportunity to meet each other again as their honest selves.

Between Us

Cailleah Scott-Grimes / Canada, Japan / 2020 / 17 mins / Japanese

Between Us explores the complex and loving relationship between Kei, a Japanese trans man, and his queer white partner Erin, as they navigate culture, gender and belonging as individuals and a couple.

Another Beautiful Creature

Mahx Capacity / USA / 2021 / 15 mins / English

In another queer pornography/documentary hybrid we are invited into a trans and non-binary couple’s journey through pregnancy, as they become and create Another Beautiful Creature.