14 August 2022
11 AM

VIFF Centre Studio Theatre


After learning their beloved babysitter Melanie is leaving to pursue a career as a doula, nine-year-old Johnny practices another kind of birth—rebirth, via astral projection…and becomes Melanie! Unexpectedly saddled with all the responsibilities that come with being an adult woman, Johnny wastes no time and begins exploring this new life in earnest. Homebody goes beyond the traditional body-swap narrative with a sweet, bizarre, and playful exploration of a child’s emerging gender identity. A sincere portrait of the awkwardness and joy that accompanies self-discovery at any age.

Preceding the feature is My Parent, Neal, a beautifully animated short documentary focusing on a transmasculine parent whose transition began at age 62.

My Parent, Neal

Hannah Saidiner / USA / 2021 / 8 min / English