Consent Factory: Lesbo-Queer Perspectives

What does consent mean to us? Is it finite? Ongoing? Both? Does it live in intention or action or somewhere in between? Is consent straightforward, or is it a continuum? How do gender, sexuality and race impact consent? Mathilde Caponne’s intimate documentary asks these questions and more of the lesbian-queer community in Montreal and France. With a diverse range of interviewees, this film explores the way in which women who identify as queer, lesbian and bisexual relate to consent, pleasure and play. Our individual and collective traumas inform the ways in which we approach sexual relationships and pleasure as queer women. Through personal interviews and stories, accented by whimsical puppetry and detailed animation, the complexity of queer women’s desire, dating lives and sexual exploration is questioned, challenged, affirmed and celebrated. The film also explores strategies to dismantle rape culture through the ways in which we talk about and embody consent, through the intersectional lens of race, gender, sexualty and social justice. It is a personal, political and experimental exploration of a complex issue.

Please note that viewing is limited to BC only.