Chosen Fam

Aug 12 to Aug 22, 2021


This fun and engaging webseries follows a QTBIPOC indie band as they navigate drama in their personal lives, community politics, and artistic ambition. This Bay Area comedy-drama is a fresh depiction of young queers loving and living and figuring out who they are.

We follow the members of the titular band as they confront personal and professional success and failures over the course of this first cute season of this ongoing webseries. Cody is fresh out of a break up with Trent, and feeling lost without him, and hating sitting with his own thoughts. But if he finally leans into his own company, he might be able to write the song he’s been waiting for. His roommate and best friend Evie manages their band and recently started working for QUNTY, a feminist blog. When and editor position opens up, Evie is determined to land the job—until her ethics start to become compromised and she’s faced with a difficult choice. Dani is Chosen’s Fam’s drummer, a hedonistic heartbreaker who skips from hookup to hookup, ignoring the consequences of her decisions in a haze of relationships and partying. When she loses her most recent job as a bartender, she’s forced to move back in with her mom, and look at her life more clearly. And Maddox, Chosen Fam’s guitarist, is preparing to start a family with their partner Anna but they are having trouble. When Anna loses her job, the financial strain opens the door to Maddox’s mother, with whom they have a toxic relationship. Cody, Evie, Dani and Maddox stay true to the name of their band, supporting each other through their individual struggles as they work towards their collective goal: the biggest gig of their career. This series is helmed by an QTBIPOC cast and crew, and directed by Natalie Tsui, who echoes the playfulness of the script with popping sets and dreamlike lighting. Chosen Fam is sure to make you excited for a second season.