Why Support Out On Screen?

Business Innovation. Artistic Excellence. Youth Leadership. Diversity + Inclusion. Invested Membership. Results-Oriented Impact. Powerful Partnerships.

You get it. Leading companies understand the value of bold ideas, clear plans and proven results. So do we.

For more than 27 years, we’ve sharpened the clarity of our vision and the precision of our implementation. It has garnered us growing audiences and deepened impact. As we embark on an ambitious chapter of enhancement and expansion, we need the kind of corporate partners that are interested in visions as bold and in results as real.

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With 13,000+ audience members at 50+ events over 11 days, we are the second largest film festival in Vancouver. This means you can expect:

Expansive Brand Exposure

From exclusive Gala naming rights to signature awards, we offer a dynamic set of brand exposure opportunities. Your brand will be placed into the hands and onto the screens of those elusive culturally aware, tech-savvy audiences.

Broad Advertising Reach

Looking for the opportunity for your commercial to make it to the big screen? For your print ad to be placed in alongside Hollywood A-lister movies? Our screenings and Festival Guide have got you covered.

Direct Engagement with High-Value Niche Audiences

Our charismatic local business owners, community connectors and branch managers love the chance to grand-stand on stage for queer lives. Connecting the dots between your services and our audiences’ lives is only as far as the distance between the cinema stage and its seats.

Reach out to Sam Snobelen, Director of Development, to learn more about the range of sponsorship package opportunities.


OOS Sponsorship and Advertising Policy



Leading enterprises understand the value of fostering vibrant, dynamic and diverse communities through innovative programs and partnerships. We offer a unique combination of more than a decade of award-winning youth development programs throughout the province and fresh, innovative approaches year to year. Through ideation, development, implementation and evaluation, we continue to evolve annually in ways that enhance and expand our programming while leveraging corporate and community partnerships to deepen impact.

It’s this kind of business acumen that helps us to make sure we walk the talk with our ideals, empowering youth to step boldy forward in fostering more inclusive learning environments that will produce the next generation of adaptive, visionary leaders.

Reach out to Sam Snobelen, Director of Development, to learn more about the range of sponsorship package opportunities.


3 Year Strategic Priorities

ENHANCE Festival programming to create unforgettable experiences that combine riveting cinema with heart-stopping performances and parties that transport audiences beyond the ordinary into the extraordinary.

EXPAND the reach of our classroom programming to every school in the province while developing LGBTQ leadership capacity within rural communities to deepen and sustain place-based networks of support and impact.

STRENGTHEN organizational adaptivity and resilience by honing workflows, clarifying forecasts and investing in the attraction and cultivation of powerhouse talent and leadership.