How will your legacy change the world?

We all reach a point in our lives when we take a moment to consider the future and to ask how our stories can change the world. As a member of the LGBT2Q+ community, we understand and value the uniqueness of your legacy. Since 1988, Out On Screen has catalyzed change through transformational stories from around the world. The stories shared through our core programs, the Vancouver Queer Film Festival and Out in Schools, make a lasting impact in our community.

Your legacy gift can:

  • bring international queer, trans, and two-spirit artists to Vancouver
  • provide a platform for voices from the margin
  • combat homophobia, transphobia, and bullying in schools
  • give young people the opportunity to bring their stories to the big screen
  • create safe spaces for the LGBT2Q+ community to share and celebrate

Below are some examples of how you can share your legacy and support the growth of our community through the work of Out On Screen.  We encourage you to discuss these options with your family, friends, and a trusted financial advisor.

“Out On Screen has given me entertainment, inspiration, challenge, and community. I am delighted to be able to give them a legacy gift from my estate after I’m gone.” – Myer


Leaving a gift in a will is the easiest way for many people to make a significant impact in their community. You may think of Out On Screen as a charity child, or as part of your chosen family when deciding how best to create your legacy. Bequests to Out On Screen may help to alleviate the burden of taxes and fees that could otherwise reduce gifts to your other beneficiaries.

Below are the most common forms of bequests. You will also find sample language you can use to remember Out On Screen in your will.

Residuary bequests are gifts of all or part of the remainder of an estate after all other bequests have been distributed and all debts are cleared.

Pecuniary bequests are gifts of fixed sums of money. Pecuniary bequests decrease in value as the cost of living increases over time.

Contingent bequests are gifts which depend upon another event which may or may not occur, such as a gift which is only made should another beneficiary pass before the person who made the will.

When remembering Out On Screen in your will, please include our full name and Charitable Registration Number (CRN):

The Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society
CRN: 89074 3792 RR0001

Residuary bequest language may be…
I give to the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society (Charitable registration number 89074 3792 RR0001) of #405 – 207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, British Columbia _______% of the remainder of my estate for the purposes determined by its Board of Directors.

Pecuniary bequest language may be…
I give to the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society (Charitable registration number 89074 3792 RR0001) of #405 – 207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, British Columbia the sum of $_______ dollars for purposes determined by its Board of Directors.

Or to support a specific program
I give to the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society (Charitable registration number 89074 3792 RR0001) of #405 – 207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, British Columbia the sum of $_______ dollars for the purpose of __________ [Here you may designate a purpose or program such as the Vancouver Queer Film Festival or the Out in Schools program]. In the event that, in the opinion of the Board of Directors of the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society, it should become impossible, inadvisable, or impractical to apply this gift for said purpose, the gift may be used for other purposes consonant with the spirit and intention of this gift.

Contingent bequest language may be…
If [names of primary beneficiaries] do not survive me, or shall die within ninety (90) days from the date of my death, or as a result of a common disaster, then I give to the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society (Charitable registration number 89074 3792 RR0001) of #405 – 207 West Hastings St., Vancouver, British Columbia [describe amount of cash, property, or percentage of residual estate]

Publicly Traded Securities

Gifts of securities including stocks, bonds, or mutual funds can make a positive impact in your community without a negative impact on your cash needs.

In addition to receiving a tax receipt for your donation, donating securities will also allow you to avoid paying the capital gains tax on their adjusted value.

Donations of securities to Out On Screen are handled through our account with When you transfer stocks through Canada Helps, they will sell the stocks and issue a tax receipt to you for the full value of your gift. The funds will then be issued to Out On Screen’s charity account. We will be notified of your gift so that we may thank you personally.

You can donate securities by clicking either of the buttons on the right.

For more information on donating securities through please click here.

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Life Insurance Policies

A life insurance policy allows you to craft your legacy one scene at a time. Each time you pay the annual premiums associated with a life insurance policy benefiting Out On Screen, you will be eligible to receive a tax receipt usable during your lifetime. Later, Out On Screen will receive the full benefit of the policy tax-free.

A life insurance policy is an easy alternative to a bequest if you are concerned about your will becoming public or are worried your wishes will be contested under the Wills Variation Act. Your gift will not be subject to probate, meaning it remains private and uncontested. Additionally, Out On Screen receives your gift without delay, meaning the impact of your legacy can begin more immediately.

When creating a life insurance policy, you must name the Vancouver Out On Screen Film & Video Society as the irrevocable owner and beneficiary. Out On Screen may be added as a beneficiary of an existing policy, however, the tax benefits will not be retroactive.

Charitable Remainder Trusts

You may wish to consider a charitable remainder trust to support the future growth of Out On Screen’s programs if your future cash needs or the needs of a dependent are uncertain.

This type of legacy gift allows you to create an investment which pays you or your dependents over a period of time. When that time expires or when the invested funds are no longer needed, the remainder of the trust is given to Out On Screen.

Charitable remainder trusts can be a useful tool in helping you to plan for future impact in your community while continuing to meet your current financial needs. Charitable remainder trusts may also be a way for you to leverage non-cash assets as investments for the future benefit of the community.

Registered Retirement Savings Plan (RRSP) and Registered Retirement Income Fund (RRIF)

We understand that you’ve worked hard to provide for yourself and your loved ones in your lifetime, and we want to be able to help the fruits of your labour continue as part of your legacy.

You may wish to donate the proceeds from an RRSP or RRIF to Out On Screen instead of leaving them to your children when planning your legacy. RRSPs and RRIFs are among the most highly taxed assets left in an estate, meaning they can often become more burdensome than beneficial.

By naming Out On Screen as a beneficiary of these assets, you can benefit your community without causing an undue burden on those who are closest to you.

Looking to the Future

These are just some of the ways in which you can tell your story and support the work of Out On Screen. You may find that one of the options, or a combination of options, works well for you, or you may find that there are better ways for you to tell your story through a legacy gift.

Be sure to reach out early in your planning so that we can work together to tell your story and ensure your gift continues to benefit the community.

We encourage you to discuss these options with your financial advisor or estate planner, as well as with your family and friends, to ensure you choose the best method for your current and future financial needs.


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