Out On Screen 2016 Plan Summary

We illuminate, celebrate and advance queer lives through film, education & dialogue.

Out On Screen arrives into 2016 with a renewed staff and board, strong community support, and new leadership. We will continue to illuminate, celebrate and advance the lives of queer people through film, dialogue and education. We will do so consistently through our programs, with care and attention to detail, being sure we are foregrounding voices from the margin. This is what the community has come to expect from Out On Screen and we will deliver.


  • Maintain programming levels (size, quality and caliber)
    • A dynamic showcase of queer cinema that fosters a sense of belonging, affirmation and connection with other community members and to social movements.
    • Infuse the festival experience with added social connection and sense of edginess an surprise.
    • Through Out in Schools, create innovative and compelling educational experiences that deepen students’ intersectional knowledge and promote inclusive behaviour.
  • Balance our budget
  • Hone our ability to identify and manage emerging issues


  • Increase revenue modestly to account for inflation and cost of living
  • Expand our Out in Schools reach into communities we haven’t been to before

Expand & Deepen

  • Deepen community partnerships at the festival so they are based on reciprocity and alignment of values
  • Bring others closer in to the Out On Screen family
    • Convene an Out in Schools advisory committee to provide leadership and develop a growth strategy for the program
    • Consider an Ambassadors program to develop and implement strategies for growth
  • Create a full value relationship with our supporters, where giving is diverse and motivated by an alignment of values
  • More deeply step into an anti-oppression framework to better serve our communities